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Thank you for participating and helping to make the SkillCraft project a success! With your support we received an amazing 4400 replays from players across multiple skill levels. The study has been published to PLOS ONE and can be viewed at

We are also still collecting replays for our current longitudinal StarCraft 2 study. If you have not yet participated, please consider doing so at

Thank you again for your support. Please look forward to our future studies!


Hello players!

The age requirements for participating in the study have been lowered.

If you are at least 19 years of age or have parental consent, please help us out by submitting your replays. We are accepting both WOL and HOTS replays.

Thanks for your support!


A big thank you to all who have either participated in the study or have encouraged others to participate!

With your help, we have received a good amount of replays so far. However, we still require a lot more. If you have not done so already, please consider submitting your replays by visiting our participation page. Ideally we hope that you have at least 300 replays, but having slightly less than this amount is also acceptable.

Thanks again for all your help.



Dr. Blair talks about how expertise is studied in the context of real-time strategy games such as StarCraft II. Limitations as well as future directions of the research are discussed.

Watch it here:

We are still collecting replays for the expertise study. Submit your files to


Here are some of the interesting findings and results from our previous data collection period.

Please continue sending in your replays!


View the participation page for instructions on how to submit your replay files.

Please encourage other players to help out! Follow, like, share, and retweet our posts from our Facebook page and on Twitter @SkillCraftCa.

Thank you for your support.



Here’s a video describing an important variable we measure in replays




Check this site out for an in depth interview with Dr. Mark Blair on the questions behind the birth of the SkillCraft research project, the portrait of a SC2 player, and how real world applications can be enhanced by the study of such complex cognitive systems.



Lee Hotz, science writer for the Wall Street Journal, and Mark will be doing a livechat about SkillCraft and other video game research, tomorrow at 1pm.

You can get your questions in the queue early.